Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Philosophers' Carnival #156

Welcome to the 156th edition of the Philosophers' Carnival! It's exactly one year since I took over organizing duties from Richard Chappell, so I have chosen to host this month.

Below the Carnival proper you will find a Metacarnival covering the last twelve months' editions (procrastinators beware: a large amount of absorbing content lies only 1 to 2 clicks away).

- Are basic moral principles empirically falsifiable? - by David Sobel at PEA Soup

- The Nature of Desire: A Liberal, Dispositional Approach - by Eric Schwitzgebel at The Splintered Mind.

- The Space of Languages - by Jeffrey Ketland at M-Phi

- A Problem for Hume's Problem of Induction - by Jason Zarri at Philosophical Pontifications.

- Respect for Truth in Science and the Humanities - by David Maier at 3QuarksDaily.

- Pretend Numbers - by Richard Brown at One More Brown.

- Alief and Knowledge from Fiction - by Allan Hazlett guesting at Aesthetics for Birds

- Seven Puzzles of Pictorial Content - by Gabriel Greenberg guesting at Aesthetics for Birds.

- Theistic frequentism and evolution - by Alexander Pruss at Prosblogion.

- Testimony and Moral Understanding - by Richard Chappell at Philosophy et cetera.

- Pets, Livestock, and Narrative Value - by David Killoren guesting at Philosophy et cetera

- Against countable additivity - by Wolfgang Schwarz at wo's weblog.

- The Libet experiment as a refutation of dualism - by Bill Skaggs, a neuroscientist guesting at Brains

- Relativism about Epistemic Modals: Some Experimental Data - by Joshua Knobe and Seth Yalcin at Certain Doubts.

- A voting puzzle, some political science, and a nerd failure mode - by Chris Hallquist at Lesswrong.

- On the Limitations of Philosophical Writing, or What is Wisdom? - by Eric Schliesser at NewAPPS

- Why is it easier to get crap published? The Stanley Hypothesis - by Jon Cogburn at NewAPPS.

- Skolemizing Laws - by Robbie at Metaphysical Values.

- The Truth-Tracking Account of Knowledge: Two New Counterexamples - by Tristan Haze (me) here.

The next edition will be hosted next month at FsOpHo, a blog about logic and epistemology. Submit here.


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  1. Great Carnival! And thanks for including my post.

  2. Some discussion has arisen at NewAPPS about the fact that all the contributors this month are male.

    Those interested, click here.

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